Barry Obama goes off script again….and it isn’t pretty.

Barack Obama stepped it in once again at a campaign stop, evidently going off script and sharing how we better make sure or children in the USA speak Spanish, though he doesn’t fully explore the concept except to say that he is embarrassed when Americans go to Europe and can’t speak any European languages.

I am actually a big proponent of people learning a second (or third) language, particularly when they are young since children tend to pick up languages easier. That being said, I don’t see Obama’s urgency in learning Spanish in particular, unless he expects that the USA will be an English/Spanish speaking nation (and we know two languages worked out so well for our Canadian friends, after all).

Obama really does confuse the issue, though. If he honestly thinks the arguments against bilingualism has anything to do with the importance of teaching children a second language, he really is a very simple and unsophisticated thinker, since they are clearly two separate issues. One can be against the idea of a bilingual nation (which I am), and still an advocate for teaching children a second language (which I am, also). One has nothing much to do with the other, no matter how poorly Obama fused the issues in his mind.

This is really an old coward’s trick – his insights sound like he calls things like he sees it, but all he says is that kids should learn a second language, something almost everybody agrees with. The misdirection allows him to avoid the issue he raised (a bilingual nation vs an English-speaking nation) and avoid alienating multicultural fetishists and advocates from the Hispanic community.

In any event, I don’t share his embarrassment when traveling Americans don’t know the language of European nations. His insistence that European travelers visiting the USA speak English in significant numbers is silly and doesn’t match my experience at all. But listen up, America, the man who wants to lead you considers you embarrassing. If that’s what you want in a leader, you have bigger problems than I imagine.

Obama, of course, can speak Indonesian, but doesn’t have any significant command of any European languages. He has noted he can speak “a little Spanish,” but that doesn’t sound like a very strong commitment to the language, particularly after he insists that America’s children be fluent in the language.

Who can live in the USA for long and not know “a little Spanish,” after all? Maybe he should take some classes in Castellano, himself, before he tells us how important it is to learn Spanish.

Speaking of language, maybe Obama should brush up on his English speaking skills. “And….uh…wha…ah…wa….all we’s can say is” doesn’t sound very eloquent to me, and only barely qualifys as English.