It must be here somewhere…

Poor Barry!  First the stimulus package he put a lot of effort behind passed, but with no bipartisan support. Every GOPer who voted cast a “Nay” vote, and they were joined by 11 Democrats, who broke from party ranks.  Indeed, support for this bill was strictly partisan on the Dem side, while those negative on the bill were a bipartisan crowd.

Second, he is evidently getting familiar with his new home, as he can’t seem to distinguish between a window and the door.  Not a big deal, really – but it would help if he were able to laugh this stuff off.  So far, he doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about himself, which is not a good quality in anyone.

The real story is that the mainstream media hasn’t made a big deal about this story, or made the video available.  Of course had it been a GOPer, the video would have been viewed over and over.  They are so transparent and simple minded.