That’s some culture they have over there, huh?

Ghoulish.  Depraved.  Disturbing.

Well, if you guessed the spicer parts of Senator Larry Craig’s [R] private diary, you would probably be right!

But no – this is even more bone chilling.  Friends know that a couple of years ago, I took a special interest in Farfour, the Hamas mouse who waged his own personal war against the Zionist oppressors in Hamas’s children’s programming, ‘The Pioneers of Tomorrow!’

Sadly, Farfour’s life ended violently when he refused to sell Palestinian land to a nice, dark-skinned Jewish man, who punished him by beating him senseless, as the child host of the show looked on.

I was a fan of Farfour.  I particularly like his strong stand in the final moments of his life, defying the Zionist oppressor.  Now, that’s crackerjack children’s programming, folks!

Farfour was replaced by Nahoul, the nutty Islamic bumblebee.  Look on as Nahour vows revenge against the Jews for martyring Farfour.

Assud the Jew-Eating Rabbit took over when Nahoul finally expired.  Here’s a glimpse of the demise of Nahoul and Assud’s origin tale!  I particularly like when Assud exclaims that he is worried that Nahoul decided to take a walk at night, and after all, “Who goes out at night?”  Even a broken clock is right twice a day, True Believers!

Assud left no stone unturned in his one-rabbit war against those who dare offend Islam!  Take for example his vow to destroy the Danes following their publication of cartoons that Assud found unseemly and blasphemous!

Now I am getting reports that the recent IDF bombings of Gaza has taken the life of poor Assud.  I don’t have the video yet, but I do have a still photo of the broadcast, courtesy of our friends at


Kids these days!  Sure to be Islamic activists when they grow up!  Just don’t be within the blast radius of these child ‘activists’ when one of them chooses to ‘activate!’

It’s amazing that these whackjobs have so many liberal apologists in the West.  There is simply no excuse for anyone to be that dull witted, outside of a strange pathology on their part.  Wake up, libs – stop making excuses for these nuts and see things how they really are, if you can!

Hat tip to the excellent and Little Green Footballs.