Looks like our friends at the USPS have decided to follow up on last year’s DC Comics stamp series with a Marvel Comics stamp series!

Marvel Comics Stamps from the USPS

Looks like a nice set! Some great comic images – in fact, they remind me of the early 70s ‘clip & save’ coupons in Marvel Comics – many comics of that era were mutilated because of that stunt! Haha!

The standouts here include Spider-Man, Captain America & The Silver Surfer. I question the inclusion of Spider-Woman and Electra, but I suppose they wanted to include a couple of Marvel Women, and lets face it True Believer, the field is fairly thin! An Invisible Woman stamp could have been inspired – just a stamp with no image on it!

Also, Wolverine is a fan-favorite but they chose the cover of X-Men #1, which came out about a decade before Wolverine first appeared! Strange…

Still, I’ll be picking up a sheet of these great stamps!