Man of Steel & Man of Mirth

Yes, way back in 1968 Marvel Comics was setting new standards in comic books – dynamic characters, innovative stories, and fantastic art. Indeed, in many ways 1968 was the peak of the Marvel Age of Comics!

Yet down the street, DC was still stuck somewhere in the early 1950s. Standalone stories, stale characters, dull situations, and absurd contrivances. DC seemed pleased to appeal to 8 year olds and not look beyond that narrow vision. I can’t say it wasn’t successful – I believe DC had the edge in sales into the 1970s. The crew in charge just figured if it wasn’t broken, there was no need to fix it.

That brings us to this classic comic book cover – The Adventures of Jerry Lewis # 105! This classic comic features the long-awaited team up between Superman and ol’ Jerry!!!


Evidently, Roger C Carmel decided to wear some tight purple pants and a strange green shirt and hold up poor Jerry with a Tommy Gun! And somehow, he has surmised that Superman’s secret identity is indeed movie funnyman Jerry Lewis.

Lets just say Marvel’s bad guys were a lot more on the ball!