Many pretenders have followed, but there is only one Batman!

Adam West 1

I was checking out some stuff on YouTube this weekend and came across a great tune from 1989, by renowned raconteur, Wally Wingert.

I recall how the anticipation for the upcoming Batman film was tempered by concern by fans of the 1966 tv series (like me). In the end, the Batman film was a huge hit that spawned several sequels, but it just didn’t capture the escapist fun of the original tv series.

To me, there will always be just one Batman, and that is of course the legendary Adam West. And the sentiment is shared by Wally Wingert in his classic song. ‘Adam West.’ I enjoyed the video immensely and decided to share both versions of the tune!

Adam West by Wally Wingert

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Adam West by Wally Wingert (1989)
Adam West by Wally Wingert (1990s)