Star Studded ‘The Hulk 2’

Yahoo news reports that the cast for Hulk 2 now includes William Hurt as General Thunderbolt Ross! The cast is looking pretty good!

The Hulk

The good word is that filiming will be starting soon for the follow up to the underachieving Ang Lee ‘Hulk’ film.

William Hurt has joined the all-star cast of “The Incredible Hulk,” which is slated to begin shooting this summer in Toronto.

The action sees Bruce Banner/Hulk (Edward Norton) on the run, trying to avoid capture long enough to cure the condition that turns him into a monster. Hurt will play Gen. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, the man who has dedicated his life to capturing the Hulk — and who also is the father of Banner’s love interest, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler). Also on board is Tim Roth as villain Emil Blonsky/the Abomination.

French filmmaker Louis Leterrier (the “Transporter” movies) is directing the project for Marvel Studios.

Here’s hoping for the best, since The Hulk deserves better than the Ang Lee film!