Watchmen can’t tell the time


Well, one of the most anticipated comic-to-film projects finally reached the silver screen.  Initial industry projections hoped the film would have a boffo $ 70+ million opening weekend, exceeding the opening success of 300.  As the weekend drew near, the industry types got cold feet and revised the projection downward a hefty 14% to $60 million.

The film even failed to reach that goal, as Watchmen‘s opening weekend take clocked in at a solid (but underwhelming)  $ 55.6 million.   And that includes the $4.5 million late-night Thursday haul of $ 4.5 million.

They swung for the fences and hit a double.  Oh well, I honestly didn’t think that the film would translate well on 2009 movie screens.  While I like the original comic, it’s very much a creature of its time, the mid-1980s.  It’s dark and sometimes nihilistic world view is just a downer.

I expect Watchmen‘s box office  to diminish 60% or more next weekend, and quickly vanish from the public eye.

Comic fanboys will just have to wait for the next big thing.