Death Mask of the Ninja!

shaw-logoMy personal favorite Shaw Brothers movie!

This movie has it all!  Three insane holy monks, twin brother good guys, an awesome main villain, outrageous lieutenant bad guys, and amazingly choreographed fight scenes.  A must see!  *****

An interesting note is that while the movie was titled Death Mask of the Ninja for its USA release, no death masks or ninjas actually appear in the film!

Shaolin Prince (1983)

Two princes are separated at birth. One is raised by the Prime Minister. The other is raised by three mad Shaolin Monks. They both learn the martial arts and when they are 23, they meet and combine forces to defeat the evil 9th Prince

Also Known As (AKA)
Death Mask of the Ninja (USA)
Iron Fingers of Death
Iron Fingers of Shaolin
Shaolin Prince
Siu Lam chuen yan