…and out like a lamb

Sarah Jessica Parker - The Face That Launched 1,000 ShipsThe Sex in the City movie started out strong, earning a fantastic $ 27 million on its opening day, which makes it the biggest opening day for a romantic comedy. This gave studio execs visions of box office sugarplums dancing in their heads all weekend, with talk of a $70+ million opening weekend in the rough and rugged summer movie season.

Of course, all the middle aged hags had their ‘girls night out’ on Friday and the bottom fell out as the rest of the weekend rounded out. The estimate for the weekend is now a very good, but certainly not celestial, $ 56 million or so.

That kind of steady drop-off throughout the weekend isn’t a good sign for its future box office prospects. It will do well on DVD, I am sure, though the Hillary Constituency returns to their regularly scheduled life.

It’s cool that the studios can make a successful movie where three aging women can hang out with their older aunt and have all sorts of dull, painfully comic sexual exploits. You’ve come a long way, baby!

In related news, Indy Jones (#2, $46 million, $ 217 million US cume) , Iron Man (#4, $14 million, $ 277 million US cume), and Narnia (#5, $13 million, $ 116 million US cume) continued to post very strong box office numbers