They must be nervous

Looks like the movie execs are getting a little antsy bout their upcoming Incredible Hulk film. After all, their first Hulk film a few years ago was decidedly underwhelming. A very forgettable film. Well, the sequel/reboot has a new cast and new creative people behind it.

And this Summer’s big movie hero, Iron Man himself Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

I got the impression that they were keeping the cameo appearance of Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk a bit on the QT. And why not – a neat crossover appearance by Marvel’s other Summer 2008 hero was just the thing to get the oldschool fans excited, and get everyone ready for The Avengers movie in 2011.

So they decided to let Tony Stark’s cameo appearance slip in the TV ads. So I’m not giving anything away! Still, I wonder if there will be anything after The Incredible Hulk’s end credits. Hmmmm…