My Favorite Song From Phantom Empire

Last Thursday’s Gene Autry song ‘Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You’ was such a hit here at The Silver State Chronicles that I decided to post another great tune from the Autry collection!

This time, I looked into one of my alltime favorite movie serials, Phantom Empire. Now an extended discussion of PE would require a well researched book, but for now let’s just describe it as a Musical-Western-Science Fiction tale. Indeed, it’s quite an adventure – both mesmerizing and confusing at the same time.

Well, Gene Autry is the star of the 12 chapter serial, and in between episodes of fighting futuristic villains, he finds time to get back to the ranch for the daily live radio show. During one of those broadcasts, Gene (along with his posse which includes his longtime sidekick, the legendary Smiley Burnette) sing this classic little tune, ‘Uncle Noah’s Ark.’