Oldschool Galactus is in FF2 after all?

While I enjoyed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer for its escapist fun, I was a bit down that the traditional depiction of Galactus from the original comics didn’t make an appearance. I kind of expected he wouldn’t, but I missed it nonetheless.

Galactus by Kirby

Well, like most kids on my block I picked up my own copy of the DVD of FF:RotSS on Tuesday and watched the film again. It’s about 90 minutes long so it’s no big chore!

I had heard that a homage to the oldschool Galactus did indeed appear in the film, but didn’t really catch it in the theaters. Well, I think there is something to this argument. Some screen captures follow.

One very compelling image happens around 1:05:48 of the film – Galactus’s shadow is seen on Saturn as he crosses our Solar System. That’s one big guy to cast a shadow like that!

Galactus Passes Saturn

That sure looks like his helmet to me! WOW!

At around 1:21:25 or so, there is another scene. This time a close-up of the outline of his head and helmet.

Galactus in the fire

That’s Galactus’s head and helmet alright – it’s the right shape. DOUBLE WOW!

Only a few moments later, at around 1:21:49, we catch another peek at Galactus’s head & helmet:

Galactus and friend

There is the oldschool Galactus’s head once again – you can see the outline of his helmet and especially the distinctive protrusions from the sides.

Yes, this is just circumstantial evidence, I know, but looking back, it’s clearly deliberate and a nice touch. So looks like the Galactus we know and love was in FF2 after all!