Iron Man Goes Retro

Our good friends at Ain’t It Cool got a sneak peek at the first Iron Man armor to be featured in the upcoming film. I think it looks very cool, very evocative of the very first Iron Man adventure where he scrapped together the materials needed for his life-saving armor from used parts while held captive of the vile North Vietnamese bigshot, Wong-Chu!

Iron Man Classic

I really like the armor, especially the glowing circle in the center of the chestplate. Getting some good vibes from Iron Man!

Also, some mixed news from Aint It Cool when it comes to FF2 – looks like the voice of Galactus will be Laurence Fishburne, and also looks like the early advance word on the film isn’t very promising:

[A]pparently in Seattle on the night of April 10th – Fox had a test screening of FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and the word on the screening that has reached me is that the film was “sooo bad that they felt dirty and wanted to write letters of complaint.”

The film is supposed to be released in June – not a lot of time to fix any problems, if they exist. Wait and see…